Benefits & Fees

sidepanelWhat are the Benefits of a transfer?

100% Access - Being able to access 100% of your Pension at the age of 55, only available via a Malta QROPS, effective from 6th April 2015.

Multi-Currency – To have your pension paid in the same currency as the country you are living in so as to avoid fluctuating currency rates.

No UK Tax – The ability to avoid UK income tax on your pension income.

No Annuity Purchase – To never need or be forced to purchase an annuity and the restrictions this can impose on you, meaning you are free to receive pension income in the way you see fit.

No Inheritance Tax – To be able to pass your entire remaining pension fund to your loved ones, such as family and friends on death instead of paying 55% to the tax man as you would in the UK.

Investment freedom – Greater investment choice, flexibility and freedom which enables you to maximize your fund growth and therefore the money you receive in the future. Similarly, it enables you to choose ethical and Shariah Compliant Funds, a choice that is not normally available in many Company Pension Schemes.

Lower Charges – Transparent charges (A QROPS can be arranged with NO initial set up fees and just a £300 yearly charge for upkeep)


What are the Fees for transferring into a QROPS Pension Scheme?

A QROPS Pension Plan can be arranged with no initial set up cost and the annual fixed fees are just £300 a year. does not charge any fees for its services, including, retrieving Pension Valuations and providing QROPS Transfer Reports.

We are paid in the form of referral fees from the specialist pension transfer companies.

Our QROPS Transfer Report is specifically tailored to each client taking into consideration all QROPS and investment jurisdictions including the pros and cons of a transfer to QROPS.

To receive a free QROPS Transfer Report, please complete the Letter of Authority and we will be able to provide you with a valuation of your current UK pension(s) and a completed Pension Report.

Letter of Authority